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How Many Units of Botox will I Need?

People are often unsure what a unit of Botox actually means and how that will effect their treatment. First, never be shy about asking questions during your consultation. One dose certainly does not fit all and everything your injector says is a suggestion, not a rule. Most areas are treated with a therapeutic dose range, some patients are on the lower end, some much higher. THIS DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO YOUR AGE! This is a common misconception. The dose you will need depends on the strength of your muscles. Also, some patients want to leave a natural crinkle (especially around the eyes) so they would be on the lower end of the dosing spectrum. There are other considerations. If someone wants to lift their brows I often suggest going higher around the eyes and glabella and lower in the forehead to achieve a brow lift. Everything I’ve drawn onto this womans face is based off a Unit from a 100 u Vial of Botox.