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What is ExofloTM Hair Restoration Treatment?

At Artistic Touch Advanced Aesthetics, we pursue the cutting-edge of restorative hair technologies, providing you with the latest, most-powerful hair loss treatment yet: ExoFloTM.

ExoFloTM is the most groundbreaking and innovative hair restoration treatment on the market. Utilizing stem cells to treat hair thinning and loss, ExoFloTM provides a safe, natural and effective alternative to other hair loss treatments. In a matter of weeks, ExoFloTM will stimulate real hair growth, reversing years of aging.

ExoFloTM is clinically-proven to work for both men and women experiencing hair loss. If you are experiencing the early stages of hair loss, suffer from Alopecia Areata or pattern balding, or are hesitant to commit to a hair transplant, ExoFloTM is exactly what you need.


How ExofloTM Hair Restoration Treatment Works

ExoFloTM uses extracellular vesicles, sometimes referred to as exosomes, nano-particles derived from mesenchymal stem cells. Exosomes contain no DNA or nucleus, and are around 1,000 times smaller than regular cells. The extracellular vesicles carry growth factors that signal dormant hair follicles to begin hair production, acting as a sort of "wake-up call." Using the body’s natural healing process, the extracellular vesicles, or exosomes. activate direct cell to cell communication, promoting widespread and lasting hair growth. They have been researched for decades and used for procedures such as wound healing and tissue restoration.

ExoFloTM is non-invasive, non-surgical, and FDA-registered. The procedure is fast and easy. A local anesthetic is provided, and exosomes are micro-injected into the scalp, using the smallest of needles. Because ExoFloTM uses human stem cells, there is no risk of rejection or inflammatory responses. ExoFloTM is the purest form of cellular therapy on the market and can be used in combination with other procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About ExofloTM Hair Restoration Treatment

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