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What is QWO Cellulite Injectable Treatment?

At Artistic Touch Advanced Aesthetics, we aim to provide our clients with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to ensure they leave our studio feeling their best. With that being said, we’re excited to announce our latest offering: QWO Cellulite Injectable Treatment.

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for adult women looking to improve the moderate to severe cellulite in their buttocks. QWO is a non-surgical injectable that helps women’s bodies break down the cellulite that develops over time. It’s important to note that cellulite isn’t fat, it isn’t caused by what or how much a woman eats, and it isn’t a result of not enough exercise. Cellulite is a natural occurrence that will effect 9 out of 10 women as their skin tins, fat cells enlarge, and fibrous bands beneath the skin thicken. These three factors cause the signature dimpling that is cellulite.

If you're a woman experiencing cellulite and looking for a non-surgical treatment option, QWO may be the treatment for you. Contact Artistic Touch Advanced Aesthetics today to learn more about QWO and set up a consultation today!


How QWO Cellulite Injectable Treatment Works

It is thought that QWO works in three ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite in women’s buttocks. The enzymes in QWO – called collagenases – are believed to target a structural cause under the skin. By releasing fibrous bands, redistributing fat cells, and stimulating the growth of new collagen, QWO injectable treatment makes cellulite disappear and achieves a smoother skin texture and appearance.

QWO is a non-surgical and FDA-approved injectable treatment. The procedure takes as little as 10 minutes and patients can expect to see visible results in as little as ten weeks when they receive three treatments 21 days apart. Your aesthetic specialist at Artistic Touch Advanced Aesthetics will go over what to expect after treatment when you sign up for your first QWO treatment. Contact us at Artistic Touch today to ask any questions and schedule your first treatment today.

Frequently Asked Questions About QWO Cellulite Injectable Treatment

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